WTF kind of face is that?
Fuck you.
Spam busters BITCH!
*Dancing* I got some beer I got some beer
BNOC in NYC. Work never ends.
Blaze L's girl. Jessica. With glow sticks.
Mike ate his cake but wore it better.
Work. Work. Work.
Hotel room in NYC. Well, Actually North Bergen Jersey.
BNOC and his best Zoolander impression. Blue Steel or Magnum? You decide.
New Years Eve 05 into 06
Ever see the A&E special on me?
Jessica Simpson and I.
Poop and Jenny from the block.
Poop and Whoopi
Pimp Alldeezhoes
Sam am I made this for me and I love it.
Ghetto Rob always has his toungue out of his mouth.
Dale Dirt makin goofy faces.
Ghetto Rob being Ghetto Fabulous!
Even Ghetto rob gets security when we go out. For the haters that think he's TOO ghetto fabulous. Minus the fabulous.
BNOC leading the White Power campaign at the bar. You had to be there but, that is what he was doing.
BNOC and Poop making power moves in NYC
My security guys are so much fun. Untill you cross them.
Poop and his brother.... Chris on his wedding day.
Charlie lookin all wierd and stuff.
BNOC pondering his next hit song at the wedding. YES. He dressed like that at the wedding.
Ghetto Rob. Minus the Ghetto for a day. Well.....For an hour at least.
BNOC and Casey
Poop and Charlie. SO DRUNK.
Poop and Pat. Pimpin all over the world!!
Travis and Poop.
Poop posin on a parkin meter.
Charlie. Poop show security.
Poop, Mike, &  Phyllis. Geez they make me look like a giant!
I said it a hundred times. I know. Mike is the artist for my show.
Poop at Mike Pierce's art studio in NY.
Mike chillin in Tha Poop Mobile before we pimped it out.
Travis and Charlie escorting BNOC into the bar. I told you they were security.
Poop cooling off at the fountain in Baltimore.
Poop and his friend Plucky. This wild duck let me hand feed it. Thats tight.
Travis, Poop, Pat chillin at the bar.
Poop tired of getting flashed at Tiffanys.
Ill Bred Nation
BNOC and Poop. Friends till the end.
Pat and Travis. Poop Show security.
Pat and Poop fakin like they know how to make beats.
Don't look at the Poop when he's angry.
Poop and his newest mother. Actually thats Tiffanys mother.
BNOC + Pizza
Poop + Bacon Cheese Burger
Poop + Pizza
Who let Poop dog out? Whoof whoof whoof whoof whoof. I'm retarded.
Dick look. hahaha
Bounce! Come on. Bounce! Come on. BOUNCE!
I told you Travis was Poop Show security. Don't fuck with Tha Poop Show. Ask the guy that Travis knocked CLEAN out that night. If he remembers.
Zachariah Q. Wentworth. Shortly before his ride got
Poop + Calzone
Poop & Mike in their Finding Nemo hats.
Ghetto Rob showing Tha Poop Show security some gratitude for always keepin us safe.
BNOC is happy. Can you tell?
BNOC at Mecca
BNOC at the Mecca show.
Poop BNOC Blaze L and Disciple at the Mecca Show.
Blaze L ripping up the Mecca stage.
What a literally hot show. BNOC and Blaze L.
BNOC and Poop at the Mecca show where the temp reached a reported 1000 degrees.
Poop on stage at the Mecca Show.
BNOC Blaze L and Poop at Mecca
BNOC ripping up the Mecca show.
BNOC at Mecca